Of course!

We want our products to be reviewed! Not only does this help us improve our products but we love to know what people think about our designs!

We firmly believe in word-of-mouth, which is why we openly welcome bloggers, vloggers, magazines and YouTubers to review our products!

If you’re active in the media and want to receive our products in order to review them for a magazine, website or blog, please send us an email. Our team will then contact you as soon as possible!

For press information, you can contact us through e-mail: [email protected]

Not yet,

But we are working on that! For now, you can easily contact us with your questions here: [email protected]


Yes, but…

We will evaluate every reseller to ensure the Storm & Cloud brand image keeps upholding the premium feel we are very proud of!

If you are interested in reselling contact us here: [email protected]